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How To Perform The Perfect Golf Swing
Writer  Mike Lewin
Golfer  Richard Strongert
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 The PurePoint
Putting DVD 
by Bobby Eldridge
This golf video lesson is brought to you by Video Jug
This golf instruction breaks down the swing into six components and highlights the most important fundamentals to the golf swing.

An excellant lesson for any beginner to golf and is also great for advanced players to periodicaly review the most important elements to every proper golf swing.
STEP 1  Setup and Alignment
 - Determine target line and use a twig of grass or leaf as your target line marker.
 - Put clubface square to the ball.
Set your body and feet position parallel to the target line. Set your toes slightly open for your left foot and a 30 degree angle for your right foot.
 - Your eyes also must be in alignment with your feet, hips, knees and shoulders.
Step 2  Proper Grip of Left Hand
- Shaft lies across top of forefingers and fits under heel of the palm.
 - Little finger is around the club with no space
 - Thumb is straight on top of the shaft.
 - You should see two to three knuckles of your left hand.
Step 3  Grip Your Right Hand Correctly
- Shake hands with the club.
  - Fold your right hand over left thumb.
  - Left hand "V" should point to your chin
  - Right hand "V" shold point to your right shoulder.
Step 4  Grip the Back of the Club Correctly
- There are three methods, the most common is the overlapping grip. This is where the little finger of the right hand goes over the index finger of the left hand.
  - The inter-locking grip is where the little finger of the right hand inter locks with the left hand index finger. This method is usually used by people with smaller hands.
  - The third is the baseball grip where the two fingers just touch.
Step 5  Proper Stance
- Feet should be spread apart same distance as shoulders for a mid iron club.
  - Shoulders, hips, knees, and feet should all be parallel to the target line.
  - The right foot should be at a slight right angle to the target line.
  - The left foot is slightly open.
  - The upper torso leans forward slightly
  - Knees are slightly bent
  - Arms hang comfortable down.
  - The club end should be about a hands away from the body.
  - The weight of the body should be on the balls of the feet.
  - The left shoulder is higher than the right. Place a club on your chest, then dip the right shoulder till the club touches the inside of of your left leg.
Step 6  Perform the Full Swing
- Start with a little waggle to evenly distribute your weight and help relax you.
  - The backswing starts with a rotation of the body and not with just the hands.
  - Your hands should maintain the same grip pressure through out the swing.
  - The shoulders, hips and arms should move simultaneously.
  - At the top of the swing your back should be facing the target line and your weight is on the inside of the right foot.
  - The downswing starts by pushing your weight from right to left.
  - On impact the shoulders and hips are parallel to the target line.
  - The only time the right foot should move is immediately after impact.
  - More power comes from faster rotation.
  - On the finish your belt buckle should be pointing towards the target.
Incorporate these six steps and you will be able to perform the proper golf swing.
The way to get the most from this lesson is to watch the video several times then read the outline below that will summarize the key learning points that you can then take to the driving range and practice on.
Key Learning Points
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