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Golf Swing Basics Part 1
by Jack Nicklaus
Golf Swing Basics Part 2
In order to play consistent golf you should use only one golf swing for every club.
 Your setup, posture, grip, aim and swing should be the same whether your using a driver, five iron or wedge.

The only variables that come into play is the length and the loft of each club. With the driver the width of your stance would be wider and would get narrower for each club as it gets shorter.

But all of the basic swing fundamentals would be the same and your rhythm, timing and tempo should remain the same.
by Jack Nicklaus
A fatal mental mistake is think you have to change something with the basics of your swing if your changing clubs.

 If you are taking a full swing it does not matter whether your using a 3 wood or 8 iron. Do not think you have to swing harder with a longer club or make a special adjust. With a longer club the length of time of the swing would be longer because the length of the shaft is longer.

To play consistently, you should use the same exact swing for each club.