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   Use One Basic Golf Swing to Develop Consistency in Your Game  by John Paolino
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In order to play consistent golf you should use only one golf swing for every club other than for putting and chipping. Your setup, posture, grip, aim and swing should be the same whether your using a driver, five iron or wedge. The only variable that comes into play is the length and the loft of each club. With the driver the width of your stance would be wider and would get narrower for each club as it gets shorter. The other variable is the distance of the ball would be farther away as the clubs get longer. But all of the basic swing fundamentals would be the same and your rhythm, timing and tempo should remain the same.

A fatal mental mistake is think you have to change something with the basics of your swing if your changing clubs. If you are taking a full swing it does not matter whether your using a 3 wood or 8 iron. Do not think you have to swing harder with a longer club or make a special adjust. With a longer club the length of time of the swing would be longer because the length of the shaft is longer.

To play consistently, I have outlined below five basic golf swing fundamentals that you should base your one swing concept around.

1. Use one proper grip for each club. The club should be more in the fingers then the palms of your hand and the "v's" of your thumbs and index fingers should point between your chin and right shoulder.

2. Your knees should be slightly bent and weight evenly distributed. Lean forward slightly and at the hips.

3. Keep your chin up and off your chest. During the back swing, your weight should slightly shift to your right foot.

4. On your downswing, release the club through the ball and your shoulders should be parallel to your target line. The hips, knees and feet will lead your upper body through impact.

5. On your follow through your weight will shift to your front foot and your belt buckle should be facing the target. Finish the golf swing with a nice high follow through.

So often I will here comments from golfers such as "I only use my fairway woods because I do not know how to hit long irons" or similar type comments. Those type of comments imply to me that they think there is a different golf swing for different clubs, which simple is not the case. Incorporate into your game the mental thought of one swing for every club and use these five fundamentals into every full swing. By implementing this mind set you will make the game less complicated and play more consistent golf.

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