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10 Simple Steps to a Proper Golf Setup Routine  by John Paolino
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The setup is probably the simplest problem to correct and master but it is also one of the most critical. Without a good setup that leads to proper posture you will simply not have a very good chance of swinging the club correctly. I have outlined a 10 step approach on the basics of a good setup routine. By applying this routine before you prepare to take a swing you will drastically increase your chances of making a solid swing.

1. Stand behind the ball and pick a twig of grass between the ball and your target. Almost every professional golfer will do this step.

2. Align your club square to the ball and facing your twig of grass, this will assure that your aiming straight for the target.

3. Set your body and feet position parallel to the target line. Set your toes at a 15 degree angle for your left foot and a 30 degree for your right foot. Never keep your right foot perpendicular to the line because it is to hard to turn the body during the back swing.

4. Lay the club first in your left hand and then lay your right hand on top. For more details on your grip refer to my article on the Basics of a Proper Golf Grip.

5. Slightly bend your knees and lean forward, your arms should feel like they are dangling straight down. Your butt should be sticking out and the arch of your back straight.

6. Your weight should be balanced and on the inside of your thighs. Your weight should also be more on your toes and the balls of your feet then on your heels.

7. The grip end of the club shaft should be about 8-10" from your belt buckle.

8. Keep your chin off your chest but stay focused on the ball. Your left shoulder will need to come under your chin at the top of your swing.

9. Double check that your club head is still facing in the correct position and apply the proper grip pressure.

10.Next, take a little waggle and you are ready to take your swing. Many professional golfers will take a little waggle to loosen up and release tension. Arnold Palmer was known for his waggle before each shot.

On a final note I want to talk about ball position and width of your stance which are variables based on which club your using. This is because the length of the shafts are different. For a driver your feet should be slightly wider than your shoulders. Then slightly narrow your stance as the clubs get shorter. As far as ball position is concerned, the rule of thumb is that your hitting zone will be from your left heel to the middle of your stance. The longer the club then it will be more towards your left heel or forward in your stance and the opposite for your shorter clubs.

Keep practicing this routine until it becomes second nature. When your watching the pro's on TV you will see each and everyone of them go through a setup routine. Preliminary swing basics are absolutely essential and a proper setup routine is the first step to a solid golf swing.
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