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  Visualization Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing  by John Paolino
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It only takes less than two seconds to make a golf swing, so how in the world can a golfer concentrate on all the elements of a good golf swing at once? In reality he can not, the mind can only focus on one thought at a time. Concentrating on each different component of your swing is great when your on the practice tee but on the course it's time to put all the parts together into one complete and cohesive swing. The great Bobby Jones had said that he would play well when he thought of only one thing but would play excellent when he thought of nothing at all. Here are a few swing imagery thoughts that you can implement to improve your swing. Keep in mind when your on the course only use one at a time.
I found the best image technique to keep my golf swing on the proper plane is to visualize myself shaking hands. By following this simple tip your shoulders, hips and knees will fall naturally in place from your take-away to your follow-through. Basically on your back swing  you'll imagine shaking hands with your left hand and on your follow through with your right hand. You set up to the ball with your upper body slightly bent over and knees bent and then pretend you are going to shake hands with someone to your right. At address the back of your left hand will be facing the fairway but as you shake hands to your right the left arm will extend until you are shaking someone's hand at waist high. At that point in the swing the front of your left hand will be facing forward. Your left arm will be extended and your left knee comes inward and your hips will move out if the way.
Now do the same thing in the opposite direction by shaking hands with your right hand with somebody to your left. A key point to keep in mind is at hip level the toe of clubhead should be pointing up. A good practice exercise is to take half swings in slow motion.
Another swing imagery technique is imagine you are looking down at yourself from above. Visualize yourself swinging around the back of your neck. At the top of your swing the club will be aiming directly down the fairway and your hands will be about half way between your head and your right shoulder. Your shoulders and the shaft of the club will be making a L-shape or 90 degree angle. This imagery will help keep you from swaying and maintaining balance. You will also be at the proper position to begin your downswing.
Finally, think of your clubhead making an imaginary circle. Visualize yourself making a circle with the clubhead around your body at about a 45 degree angle. This technique will help you have the proper swing plane and enable you to hit the ball straighter and further.
Experiment the next time your on the course with one of these swing imagery techniques. They will also help with your timing and tempo and allow you to better enjoy the game. Remember, a good golfer needs to take all the parts and blend them into one smooth cohesive swing.
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