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The Medicus Driver has been chosen by Golf Pros as the #1 Swing Trainer Club in the world. It is the best selling golf training aid ever! It is used by over half a million amateur golfers and thousands of professionals and now it's BETTER THAN EVER!

Once you learn to swing the Medicus Driver without breaking it you know you are swinging in tempo and on plane. You'll get rid of that slice and start hitting longer, straighter shots and start shooting lower golf scores!

 Includes a
FREE BONUS Putter Trainer, that attaches to your personal Putter and trains the movement of your putting stroke to quickly break bad habits and two FREE BONUS DVDs "Drive Like a Pro," starring Mark O'Meara and Medicus Inventor Bob Koch, and "Top Tips from Top Pros," with Mark O'Meara, Hank Haney, and other pros and instructors.

The patented Dual Hinge Lets you know when you swing incorrectly, instantly identifies the flaw in your swing, and helps eliminate slices and hooks. It improves all aspects of your swing - from the takeaway to the downswing to the follow through by developing muscle memory so that you develop a perfect repeating swing that improves consistency and control. The Medicus Driver can be used indoors or out - at home, on the range, or on the course.

Product Features and Benefits:
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Medicus Dual Hinge 460cc Driver with Free Putter Trainer
The Medicus Driver has been chosen by golf pros as the #1 swing trainer club in the world
It is used by over half a million amateur golfers and thousands of professionals
Medicus Driver Reviewed, July 28, 2008
Customer Review:
Mark OMeara Medicus Driver Golf Swing Trainer
Medicus Golf Instruction - Dual Hinge Driver
I bought this product because I am new to golf and I was looking to improve so I wouldn't be horribly embarrassed when I played with my father in law, I liked this product because I could practice at home so when I went to the range I mostly looked like I knew what I was doing. It was easy to use and the concept was easy to grasp. I didn't play much prior to using this but I felt like it definitely helped me work on my golf game for the better, especially better than trying to practice on my own. The putter trainer worked great too, although its hard to know how much I improved since I started using this right off the bat but my father in law doesn't know that I've never really played before so thats something!
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Plus 2 Bonus Dvd's
"Drive Like a Pro" and "Top Tips From Top Pros"
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