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  Golf Practice Drills Used by Professional Golfers by John Paolino
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Drills are a way to improve your game and correct some common golf swing faults. They can be fun as well as instructive and can make your practice routine more interesting. Although there are many good golf drills to practice, I've selected a few that are very beneficial and are used by many professional golfers.

The first is called the "Feet Together Drill". Start with your feet together and use a short iron. Begin to swing the club slowly at first and then gradually increase once you have gained a better sense of balance. Practice and continue this until you are in control of your balance and timing. Then switch to a longer club and gradually widen your stance, This drill encourages you to turn your body rather than swaying. The feet together drill is probably the most effective drill and is used by many professionals. You will be amazed at how much farther you will be able to hit the ball and improve your balance and timing.

Another popular drill is called the "Club Across Your Thighs Drill". Hold a club across both your thighs and then move your knees and hips as you would during a normal swing. Keep in mind that the shaft should always stay against your thighs. This drill helps promote lower body action and prevents inflexible knees.

The third drill is called the "Pivot Drill". Place your left hand on your right shoulder and your right hand on your left shoulder. With your knees slightly bent and your rear sticking out, make a complete shoulder turn clockwise then counter clockwise. Just like your taking a full golf swing. This is a great drill for promoting upper body movement and also is a good warm up routine before a game.

The final drill is called the "Grip the Opposite End of the Club Drill". Just as the name implies, grip the club at the club head end and take a few practice swings. By doing this routine you will develop a different sensation with your hands. When you go back to a normal swing you will be able to better feel the club head. Another benefit to this drill is it will improve your grip pressure.

Drills are a great way to get the feel back in your swing. Ultimately, you want to incorporate into your swing the feelings your drills have instilled in you. Practice these drills routinely, they are not only a good way to improve your swing but also a way to reduce stress and relax the mind.
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