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Backswing Rear Leg Postion
by Jack Bowden
Learn how to get in the correct backswing rear leg position in your golf backswing.

 Some people keep their rear leg bent in their golf backswing and some straighten their rear leg in their golf backswing.

In this video Golf Instructor, Jaacob Bowden will explain how to determine whether or not you should straighten or keep your rear leg bent in your golf backswing.
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 from a PGA Pro AND World Long Drive Champion?
  • WHAT you need to do to get more distance
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  • HOW to incorporate the 5 Keys into your swing
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About Eric Jones Eric Jones played and coached at Stanford University. He's the 2003 Re/Max World Long Drive Senior Champion, and has competed in the World Championship finals each of the last 6 years, notching three top-3 finishes. Eric is a PGA Class A Pro who also holds a Master's degree in Sport Psychology.